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It's a common problem. Your client thinks they will write the content and blog posts for their site, BUT, time passes and it either doesn't get done, or it doesn't get done well. We want to eliminate those headaches. That’s why we created two Full Fresh Media writing service packages. We offer a strong content writing service to make sure your website has great, engaging copy to pull readers in, keep them on your website and help turn them into leads. We also offer a blog writing service to help you easily keep your blog and social media fresh and up to date.


Video can be the most powerful way to present your message, capture the interest of your prospects and surpass your competition. Video can also save your company time and money when used to answer frequently asked questions. Most people would rather receive information through video than read. That's why Youtube is now the second largest search engine on the internet and Facebook is also focused on video. It's also the reasons we partnered with Citrus Pie Media Group, one of Canada’s most prolific corporate video production companies, to bring you high quality video at reasonable prices.

Bernie Glemas Founder and President

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Since starting my digital agency in 1999, I have come to realize that content creation is one of the biggest bottlenecks for website developers and it's a major time-suck for business people, especially now that Blogging and Social Media are so important for business.

In 2012, I started offering blogging and social media services to busy business people who simply don't have the time or talent to produce their own website content, blog posts and social media updates. When they did take the time, they often found the whole process painful and the results were usually substandard; not worthy of representing their business or compelling enough to motivate their audience. Even if their writing was usable, it wasn't long before they stopped producing blog posts and social media updates with the frequency required to make a difference to their businesses.

That's why I created Full Fresh Media and developed a super efficient system to take away the pain. Now there's a full content creation service for developers and business people to avoid the bottleneck and time-suck associated with content creation.

Now you can capitalize on the power of content marketing without loosing focus on your business.

Schedule a 15 minute chat with me so we can go over your requirements and discuss the business fit. 

Whether you are a developer who does not like to see projects stall while you wait for your clients to develop their own content or a busy business person who does not have the time, talent or objectivity to write your own web content or produce quality marketing videos, give me a call today at 604-628-2495 or schedule a time to talk.


As an owner of a telecommunications company, I was pretty impressed with his methodology and folksy charm. To have a online business marketing expert be so down to earth usually means the job could be messy and maybe incomplete. But not here. Bernie seems to possess that unique ability to combine mastery over online marketing concepts with solid implementation. That’s what he did for me anyway. And at the stated price. Even more impressive!
Telco Business Owner
Bernie has helped me in the development of my websites and a new blog. I’ve found him to be an expert in all areas of web design, SEO and the overall function of a good website. He’s not only competent but willing to answer questions with complete and understandable answers for someone without experience in this arena. I highly recommend Bernie.
Author with eCommerce Shop

What you accomplished for me and my business has put me on a new level of professionalism and allowed me to expand my business miles ahead of where I would not be”
eCommerce Building Fixtures

Bernie has been a great asset to me 

if it comes down to creative ideas for marketing, web-marketing and business plan implementation. I highly recommend Bernie to anyone who is looking for these services.

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