Are you cordoning off your market area with unfriendly police caution tape because of COVID-19?

We're on a mission to end the horrific mixed message standard caution tape yells out!
"Caution! Buy farm fresh food. Caution!"


Like caution tape or barricade tape, BUT made especially for farmers markets!

Only us$24.50 per 1,000 ft roll, when you order 6 or more rolls - us$26.50 when you order less

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Hello Farmers' Market Operators!

I'm Bernie. I'm involved in running a group of farmers' markets for a non-profit society.

With all the COVID Health and Safety Guidelines in place when we reopened our third COVID-19 Modified Farmers' Market as an essential food source, it wasn't long before we heard from the property management.

They didn't like the idea of having that ugly yellow caution tape visible around their plaza and the entrance to their retail mall.

They didn't like seeing that ugly yellow caution tape around their property

Personally, I didn't like the thought of inviting our visitors to buy food that was essentially surrounded by caution tape.

Mixed message! "Caution! Buy farm fresh food. Caution!"

Then it dawned on me! How about barricade tape that does not read 'caution', 'danger' or 'police', but rather has the words 'Farmers Market' instead. 'Much more inviting', I thought.

How about barricade tape with the words 'Farmers Market' instead?

People in the farmers market community loved the idea and wanted to know where they can get some for their market.

Having spent 12 years in the printed products industry, I got to work, pooling orders together to help farmers markets get the tape and got the price down close to the same cost as that ugly police tape! ​I set up this webpage so farmers' markets can easily order the farmers market tape, whenever they want.

Now, you can also get attractive and inviting farmers' market tape for your market, whether you are in Canada, the USA or elsewhere.

Get FARMERS MARKET TAPE for your farmers' market!

The tape also acts as additional surround-signage letting passersby know there is a farmers market going on.

​Select the colour of your choice and click the "Place Your Order" button to get started. Your order will be pooled in with the next print run and shipped out in a couple of weeks.

Please feel free to share this with other farmers markets and to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or prefer to order yours over the phone.

     For Market Operators Only

          Limit, one per market

Email or Text Bernie with questions or to set up a call

​Colour Options

Green Print on White Tape #32429

White Print on Green Tape #32430

​Black Print on Red Tape #32427

White Print on Red Tape #32428

Farmers Market Tape, Like Caution Tape